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NGS Industries

Green Energy company

NGS, the world’s first intelligent manufacturing ‘4.0’

  Solar cells & Modules  production lines

About NGS Industries

NGS Industries LTD, an industrial company where most of the current and future research and innovation in renewable energy sources and energy storage materializes for green energy.

The UK based company carries an original EU vision since 2007 with a proven, bankable and trusted approach to be a leader in developing and sustainable energy solutions with global impact through genuine and realistic business models, state-of-the-art, high-quality products and services in NGPV (next generation PV technologies).

Since its inception in 2007, NGS has grown by strategically investing in Solar and Energy Storage. By creating new opportunities in these sectors, NGS makes a pivotal contribution to global economic development, helping to consistently bring globally impactful innovations into production while simultaneously upscaling resources and expertise guaranteeing successful industrialization, of NGS's new solutions to our customers worldwide.

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