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The HeteroJunction technology has the advantages of crystalline silicon solar cells with excellent absorption and passivation characteristics of amorphous silicon, which is well known from established thin film technology. To produce the electric structures of HeteroJunction cells, it is necessary to apply thin layers of doped and intrinsic amorphous silicon on both sides of n-type silicon wafers as well as transparent, conductive oxide layers (TCO) to absorb the generated power.

The result is a high quality solar cell with high energy efficiency levels of circa not yet seen by the industry while having fewer, and cost saving, steps in the production process in comparison to conventional crystalline cell. Outstanding thermal coefficient ensures highest energy yield under warm operational conditions


NGS holds a robust, mature and high efficient c-Si technology (NGS’s benchmark Solar Cells efficiency 25% and panel efficiency 23% with a high-performance guarantee over 30 years; Super Junction Heterojunction Technology “SJHT”, 


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