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NGS, the world’s first intelligent manufacturing ‘4.0’

  Solar Cells & Modules production lines

NGS Industries Smart Factory

NGS’s Gigafactory  "Smart Factory" is an intelligent and digitally enabled factory that impacts a connected and flexible model of organizing factory operations. It features more sophisticated process technologies and solutions to augment operations with additional capabilities. It allows us to deploy advanced production and quality data analysis to further improve the quality, yields, responsiveness, and reliability of the facilities, and optimize the inventories and logistics’flow.
Smart factory refers not just only to hardware and data but also to the employees and processes. The smart factory is the ideal complement to the NGS’s strategy that consists of Digitalization, Sustainability, Customer-Orientation and Green production.

Human-Robot Collaboration

Physically demanding work is performed by machines. Humans and robots work hand-in-hand on the production line. The robot assists employees with difficult operations and relieves them of routine tasks.

Data-Driven Operation & Management

All the necessary pieces of equipment will be closely monitored by a series of in-line sensors to allow multiple measurements of various data and parameters. A standard batch would thus create hundreds and thousands of data points from over 1.000 parameters for every single batch produced. That’s a lot of data. It is transported by a reliable and high seed network, and a sophisticated storage and analytics’ infrastructure.

Once the data is analyzed , employees are able to access its findings via a number of interactive screens located throughout the plant. Therefore, all procedure irregularities are spotted immediately and rectified to avoid any impact on the product quality.

Data-Driven Control & Monitor

Information is shared real-time that flows into the Data Center. Algorithms collocate the data there in new ways and optimizes this data down to the minutest details. Continuous monitoring of data allows for better understanding of the complexities of the production process.

Big Data

Entire production and the steps involved in quality will be documented as data in real-time, resulting in a paperless manufacturing solutions. The data will be equipped with electronic batch records to facilitate review processes, timely release and real time process control. High performance computers analyze vast amounts of data and identify correlations. In this way, for example, wear and tar on equipment is indicated before any damage occurs.

Driverless Transport System

Autonomous transport systems are revolutionizing logistics on the ground. In the assembly workshops, the conveyor belt has had its day. Every cell and panel will move automatically to the next production island.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality adds virtual information to the real world environment. Data goggle simplifies assembly tasks and engineering data is compared directly with the model. It will be possible to optimize operations by mirroring the real mass production versus trial production in the lab, and enabling simulations of change.

4.0 INDUSTRY Looking Into the Future

To answer the increasing demand for customized and high quality products, a customer-oriented, flexible, digitally enabled, sustainable and green smart factories will be here and there to stay in NGS. All of NGS’s production locations dispersed worldwide will become smart factories, where totally connected machines and processes can be controlled from any location.

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